The Elephant Princess

An orphaned elephant calf named Bona, critically endangered, whose story made headlines around the world. Now an ambassador for her own species, Bona will soon join the conservation patrol team to protect the last remaining habitat for Sumatran elephants. By far my proudest personal achievement to date, was being part of turning this once abandoned orphan elephant into a household name.

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I first came to know about the work of Trish and Wally Franklin when putting together the plans for the region’s annual Whale Festival. Prior to this, even though I had grown up in Hervey Bay, I had no information on this whale crazy couple or their work with the Bay’s Humpback Whales. I joined Trish and Wally  aboard Moon Dancer to see what their annual whale research expedition was all about. This was their 21st expedition.

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Releasing Gino

Gino, is one of South East Queensland’s many koalas who have frequented the wildlife hospitals around the state. I got to tag along for Gino’s release and set him back into the wild. Read More